Wealth Creation

This is a much-used term that effectively means growing your investment capital over time to increase your retirement income.

North West Financial Services uses many methods to increase your asset base. These depend on your ability to accept risk and the time frames we are working with.

If you were looking to retire in the next two years, your strategy would be completely different to that of someone who is in their early thirties - even though you might have the same amount of money and be just as aggressive with your wealth creation strategies.

We use the basic theories of compound interest, leverage and dollar cost averaging to achieve steady returns for our clients.

A well-balanced investment portfolio can have direct investments as well as managed investments. North West will strive to maximise your financial potential using both of these components in your wealth creation plan.

A professionally managed wealth creation plan sets out a blueprint for financial success. Ask a North West advisor today for an appointment to discuss how we can help you retire financially secure.