North West Financial Services recommends the use of diversification in relation to investing. A quality mix of property and shares allows you to take advantage of all investment cycles, while diversifying risk.

North West believes in the theory that land is a scarce resource. It is this scarcity of land that drives up the value of investment properties. It is the theory that we recommend house and land packages above all else. (This doesn't mean that we won't recommend townhouses and units, but our first instinct is to look towards house and land.)

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Current Investment Opportunities

North West, in association with Property Developers and Agents, provides access to well researched investment properties that we consider represent an excellent investment opportunity. These investment opportunities could comprise of:

  • House and land to be constructed
  • Completed Display Houses with top of the range fixture and fittings 
  • Duplex
  • Townhouse
  • Units