Mortgage Finance

Home Loans

We have access to a wide range of lenders and home loan products. Depending on the clients individual situation we have different strategies to suit owner occupiers, first home owner’s and investment property purchasers.

We do not charge a brokerage fee for our home loan service and we offer free borrowing capacity assessments and consultations in our office.

Investment Lending

Investment lending can be a powerful wealth creation tool and is specifically designed to accelerate your returns via a loan product.

You can use the equity you have in your own home, current shares and or managed funds to allow us to create wealth.

North West uses this strategy to combine the power of leverage, by using a margin loan whereby you, convert your non tax effective debt into a tax deduction. This is all achieved while investing, and ultimately creating wealth.

Please contact us to discuss how we will utilise this strategy in your personal circumstances.

Investment Property Loans

North West Financial Services staff are accredited with the Australian Finance Group (AFG) and are members of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA).

We use and recommend a stand alone non cross collateralised loan structure, which means the use of different lenders for each property purchase.

The reasons we use and recommend this loan structure are as follows:

  • Helps in protecting the client’s owner occupied home.
  • Allows higher borrowing capacities.
  • Assists in clients buying multiple properties.
  • Accessing equity/growth in properties is easier.

To be able to follow the non cross collateralised loan structure successfully you need to use lenders on the investment properties that:

  • understand investment properties and all the benefits associated with them;
  • support you in accessing your equity and growth by using independent valuation firms with up to date research;
  • offer higher borrowing capacities than the average mainstream lenders;
  • work for the client.

We have been successfully implementing the stand alone loan structure for over five years. We have access to lenders who meet the above criteria and who work with us in helping out clients achieve their goals.

We have clients as well as our staff who are following the loan structure with great success.