Advice Process

There are quite a number of services and in most cases, it is important to ensure they are completed as required. Therefore, North West Financial Services (Qld) Pty Ltd adopts a comprehensive advice process, to construct and ensure the advice provided is suited to your needs and financial circumstances. The overview of this process is detailed below:

  • The First Appointment to Meet, Greet and Discover
  • The Exchange of Information and possible agreement about the next step
  • Development of Strategies after a thorough analysis of the financial position
  • The Plan Presentation of the strategies and recommendations (SoA)  
  • Implementation of the Plan
  • Review of the Plan Implementation
  • The Plan Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management (Review Service)

Some Information About the Establishment Fees…

As mentioned above, the process commences with the first appointment and then we follow the steps, The fees (GST Inclusive) for these services are detailed below –

  • Initial Portfolio Consultation – $330   
  • Fact Finder Consultation – $330
  • Plan Preparation Authority, Risk Profiling and Letter of Engagement – $110 
  • Statement of Advice (SoA) Construction – Limited $1,980 to Holistic $3,300
  • Statement of Advice (SoA) Consultation – $330 
  • Implementation of SoA / Recommendations – Limited $1,100 to Holistic $2,200
  • Post Implementation Consultation – $330
  • Existing Portfolio Review or Specific Reason Consultation – $1,100


The process for gathering financial advice